Take a listen to the new Dead Leaves album!

THE MUSIC PLAYER ISN’T WORKING!!! Wait, but actually it is….UNLESS, you’re using Explorer for your browser. Firefox, Google Chrome, etc seems to be fine. If you’re using Explorer and want to hear the record, please visit www.facebook.com/deadleavesmusic, www.cdbaby.com/deadleaves1 or www.deadleavesmusic.bandcamp.com.


Please check out the Horse Traders!

Hey all! I want to thank you all for your support over the past few years. The Dead Leaves Travelin’ Band is on a bit of a hiatus for now. Please take a minute to visit www.travisegnor.com for my new project. Wood and I have been playing and writing with our good buddy Frank Miller and plan to make a record early next month under the name Travis Egnor & the Horse Traders. We’re also on Facebook! Thanks again!


Our Indiegogo Campaign is happening NOW!


Please consider helping us by making a contribution to our Indieegogo campaign. We need your help to put out our new record and we’ve got lots of great perks in store for you. Please check the link below and thanks in advance!


Durn, Y’all!

Holy moly! If you were judging by this page, and our lack of posts, you’d think we were dead or in the clink or somethin’. We’ll we ain’t dead yet and, thus far, have avoided being apprehended by the authorities.

We have been busy little bees though! We’ve got a whole ton of coming-ups. Our next record is almost in the can, we’ve got the big River Roots Live festival coming up in Davenport, IA where we’re honored to be sharing a bill with Vintage Trouble and The Wallflowers. September will see us on the road again, heading south toward the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisianna, and back to West, by God, Virginia for the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.

Last, you might notice by the banner at the top of this here page that we’ve changed our name up a bit. Because of numerous movies, bands, books, etc, we’ve decided that Dead Leaves just wasn’t doing it for us – We’re now The Dead Leaves Travelin’ Band. I think that’n describes us a bit better anyway.

For more current updates, don’t forget to find us on facebook (www.facebook.com/deadleavesmusic).

Charleston Gazette


We received some love from Charleston, West Virginia. Thanks so much to the fine folks at the Charleston Gazette.

GOM Indie Music Podcast The Interviews: Dead Leaves

Mucho thanks to Robbie at Game Of Mau for having us on the Indie Music Podcast.

Game Of Mau Entertainment

Dead Leaves

In this edition of the GOM Indie Music Podcast we sit down with Dead Leaves out of Nashville. Travis and Paul perform 2 songs acoustically live in studio.

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Come see us!!! New Tour Dates Added Frequently!!

Here’s the newest batch of show dates. New dates are being added every day.

December 31st 2012 – Stone Horse Tavern – Dublin, GA
January 1st 2013 – The Wormhole – Savannah, GA
January 2nd 2013 – St Augustine Amphitheatre – St. Augustine, FL (acoustic show)
January 3rd 2013 – The Wormhole – Savannah, GA
January 4th 2013 – The Mill – Charleston, SC (w/ Lily Slay)
January 5th 2013 – The Ultimate Basement – Mill Spring, NC
January 18th 2013 – V Club – Huntington, WV (w/ Jeff Ellis, & 30 Spokes)
January 19th 2013 – Sam’s Uptown Cafe – Charleston, WV (w/ Buckstone)
January 30th 2013 – The 5 Spot – Nashville, TN (w/ Baseball Bat)
February 1st 2013 – Smoke and Barrel – Fayetteville, AR (w/ Damn Arkansan)
February 2nd 2013 – Magnolia Motor Lounge – Fort Worth, TX
February 3rd 2013 – The Parish Underground – Austin, TX (w/ Diesel & Dixie, Power Chief, & Aside Oceans)
February 4th 2013 – Bone Shakers – San Antonio, TX
February 5th 2013 – Bone Shakers – San Antonio, TX (encore show)
February 6th 2013 – Cactus Music (in-store performance) – Houston, TX
February 6th 2013 – Under The Volcano – Houston, TX
February 7th 2013 – Grant Street Dancehall – Lafayette, LA
February 8th 2013 – The Celtic Irish Pub – Pascagoula, MS
February 9th 2013 – Irish Coast Pub – Gulfport, MS
February 10th 2013 – Good People Brewing Company – Birmingham, AL (w/ Luella and the Sun)
February 11th 2013 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL
February 12th 2013 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL (encore show)
February 13th 2013 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
February 14th 2013 – The Honest Pint – Chattanooga, TN
February 15th 2013 – The Velo Fellow – Greenville, SC
February 16th 2013 – Fairplain Yacht Club – Fairplain, WV (w/Buckstone)
February 17th 2013 – Live @ Trackside  – Huntington, WV (video taping)
February 18th 2013 – DiOGi’s – Fayetteville, WV
March 1st 2013 – The Empty Glass – Charleston, WV (w/ Tim Browning & the Widowmakers)
March 2nd 2013 – Victory’s – Columbus, OH
March 4th 2013 – Berlin Music Pub – Fort Wayne, IN
March 6th 2013 – The Horseshoe – Chicago, IL
March 7th 2013 – Rozz Tox – Rock Island, IL
March 8th 2013 – House Of Bricks – Des Moines, IA
March 9th 2013 – Barley Street Tavern – Omaha, NE
March 10th 2013 – Duffy’s Tavern – Lincoln, NE
March 14th 2013 – Firebird – St. Louis, MO
March 15th 2013 – The Bridge – Columbia, MO
March 29th 2013 – The Blue Parrot – Charleston , WV (Travis solo show w/ Ghost Fleet & Tim Browning and the Widowmakers)
April 26th 2013 – Hot Cup – Logan, WV (writers round w/ Travis & Tim Browning)
May 17th 2013 – Pour House – Nashville, Tn
May 18th 2013 – Stucky Music Festival – Park City, KY
May 24th 2013 – (TBA) – Des Moines, IA
May 25th 2013 – River Music Experience (RME) – Davenport, IA
May 26th 2013 – Pizza Shoppe Collective – Omaha, NE
May 31st 2013 – The Bridge – Columbia, MO
June 1st 2013 – Smoke & Barrel Tavern – Fayetteville, AR
June 4th 2013 – The Basement – Nashville, TN (New Faces Night)
June 5th 2013 – Mad Donna’s (MD Music Loft) – Nashville, TN (w/ Codaphonic)
June 7th 2013 – Southgate House – Newport, KY (w/ Ghost Fleet, Sassy Molasses, A Shade of Red, & Stephen Barton)
June 8th 2013 – V-Club – Huntington, WV
Aug 16, 2013 – The Fremont – Des Moines, IA
Aug 17, 2013 – River Roots Live Music Festival – Davenport, IA
Sep 13, 2013 – Satellite Bar and Lounge – Wilmington, NC
Sep 14, 2013 – The Sparrow – North Charleston, SC
Sep 16, 2013 – Stone Horse Tavern – Dublin, GA
Sep 20, 2013 – Irish Coast Pub – Irish Coast, MS
Sep 21, 2013 – Artmosphere Bistro – Lafayette, LA
Sep 24, 2013 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
Sep 27, 2013 – The 5 Spot – Nashville, TN
Sep 28, 2013 – Huntington Music & Arts Festival – Huntington, WV
Oct 17, 2013 – Ozarks Live – KOLR TV – Springfield, MO
Oct 17, 2013 – The Outland – Springfield, MO
Oct 18, 2013  – Kingfish – Fayetteville, AR
Oct 19, 2013 – The Bridge – Columbia, MO
Oct 29, 2013 – The Boulevard Tavern – Charleston, WV (Travis solo show)
Nov 2, 2013 – Black Sheep Burritos & Brews – Huntington, WV (Travis solo show)

Vox Music – Pick Of The Week: Dead Leaves.

Mucho thanks to the good folks at Vox Music for making Dead Leaves their Pick Of The Week!