If you’ve read the bio section, you’ll understand why I’m suddenly in the midwest freezing my tookus off. If not, let me fill you in by asking a question; How personal of a relationship do you have with the people who make the music that you listen to? Now, imagine if those bands lived in your city, ate in your resaurants, and drank in your bars. You hang out with them, you become a part of the music that they write, play and record, and they possibly even provide you with the opportunity to play in the band for a few months. Would you not feel as if you were an important piece of the puzzle? Would you not feel like your city might have inspired a song or even a whole record?  Well, that’s Dead Leaves. Well, my part of Dead Leaves, anyway. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Travis Egnor.

Omaha, Nebraska is my first stop. I spend 2-4 months in a city before taking off for the next. Taking in the sights, experiencing the city, and playing my music as much as possible. So far, Omaha has been very kind, gracious, and accepting of a newcomer trying to sneak in on, what seems to be, a rather vibrant music scene. Thus far, just shy of two weeks after my arrival, I’ve been lucky enough to meet both musicians and music columnists who are still as excited about new music as a musician could hope for them to be. As much as I love and truely miss my adopted home, Nashville, TN, it’s quite refreshing to meet people who are so enthusiastic about music for the sake of music and not business.

Currently, my favorite hot spots in Omaha would have to be: Amatos Cafe, Havana Garage, The Waiting Room, House Of Loom, Homer’s Music, Antiquarium Records, and Rainbow Music. Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Henry Doorley Zoo.

So, this is my first post. It’s a little vague but I promise I’ll be filling in as many blanks as possible in the coming weeks.


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