Safety, people! Safety!!

This is what the crazy, (I’m guessing) homeless guy on the corner was yelling at everyone. Was he asking for change for the bus or hassling passers-by? No. He was simply using the loss of inhibitions that come with being completely out of your freakin’ mind to remind his fellow sidewalk patrons to look both ways while crossing the street. Thank you, sir. You may have saved my life.

So, I’m still in Omaha, Nebraska. We’re getting  closer to knowing our next destination but have no solid answers yet. Cities such as Portland, Tacoma, Houston, Hartford, and Olympia have been mentioned – as well as being asked what we think about going to Alaska or ‘middle-of-nowhere’ Kentucky. I do want to eventually go to Alaska but not for the second destination on this tour. I also have nothing against Kentucky but, growing up in West Virginia, a neighboring state, I believe that I’m familiar with all of the cities in Kentucky worth inhabiting…and I’ve never heard of (nor do I remember the name of) the town that we were offered. I’ll pass for now.

Right now, though, the next destination isn’t important. I’ve still got another month in Omaha and I plan to make the most of it. Tomorrow, 2.2.12, I have an apointment to meet with Michael Todd, a writer for the prominent Nebraska music-scene website, “Hear Nebraska” ( for an interview/beer drinking session to provide him with a little more information for the story that he’ll be writing about your’s truely, or more specific, Dead Leaves. Some other prospects are also coming about. I’ve been talking with Robbie Mau of Game Of Mau Entertainment who is working to get some radio interviews and performances.

I have been lucky enough to put together a fine group of musicians here in Omaha. Paul Valla of the band Hills Like White Elephants is doing an excellent job of making his Fender Jaguar sound right at home – even on songs that originally only have my guitar and a pedal steel. With a slide and a volume pedal, if you weren’t looking right at him, you’d never know the difference. The rhythm section consists of bassist Dave Keim and drummer Dana Drege, who are filling some mighty big, incredibly important shoes. Let’s face it, if your rhythm section falls short, your whole show falls apart. These guys are doing an exceptional job of not allowing that to happen.  As of right now, there’s only one show on the books. We’ll be playing the Barley St. Tavern on 2.18.12.

This isn’t a food blog and I don’t intend to make it one but, hey, a guy’s gotta eat, right? That said, without going in to too much detail, here are a few places that I’ve really enjoyed pigging out in: Block 16 (had an AMAZING pork belly sandwich here), California Tacos & More (Fluffy tacos? Who’da thought?), and there was also a really great Italian restaurant but, for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of it.

That’s all for now. Be sure to enter your email address to follow the blog as, for my next trick, I’ll let you know exactly how being a musician and being a golfer is actually quite similar. I’ll leave you with a random thought:

The people on Axe body spray commercials – they do not wear Axe body spray. That stuff smells terrible.


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