Au Revoir for now to Omaha and to new friends!

Tomorrow morning we begin the next chapter of our travels, leaving for Baltimore, Maryland before most will be waking from their night’s sleep. I should be extremely excited. Okay, I AM extremely excited. But only to a point. One thing that I had NOT expected when spending only 8 weeks in a city was to fall in love.

As some of you know, I move from city to city taking only my wife (or rather being taken by), my dogs, my guitars, and my record player. Oh, and also very important, my songs. I put together a band from local talent and play both solo acoustic and full band shows as much as possible, hopefully making a name for myself before moving on. This was the plan from the beginning of our travels. Sure, I assumed that I would make some friends and fond memories along the way. One of the first people that contacted me, before I even arrived in Omaha was guitarist Paul Valla. A rather tall, dark, suave gentleman of Czech descent, Paul is soft spoken and easily recognizable by what can only be referred to as one hell of a swell moustache. Paul and I, by description, are quite opposite. I tend to be a bit loud, he is very active in his church, I drink a lot, he doesn’t drink at all, he’s a smoker, I am not. However, for the past eight weeks, Paul and I have been damn-near inseparable. On one of our first outings, he invited his wife/ex-wife/friend (it’s complicated), Elizabeth to join he, Jess, and I for dinner. We all hit it off immediately. We went out every weekend, became great friends, partied, had sleep-overs, ended up in the diner of a casino at 5:00 am (3 out of 4 of us being rather blitzed), and did all kinds of silly things that adults probably should be ashamed of doing. I think the best way to describe it is simply to say, we had a BLAST. But what now? What next? It’s just not an easy thing to get that close to someone and shove off without any anguish. I didn’t plan for this…it wasn’t on my check list. Did I fall in love with these two beautiful people? Absolutely. Though it’s rather painful to leave my new friends behind, I take solice in knowing that, though we’ve known each other for a very short time, I have made life-long friends during my time in Omaha. Had my stint here not produced a single gig, interview, website feature or video, I would not be disappointed. My stay in Omaha was an absolute success.


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