Durn, Y’all!

Holy moly! If you were judging by this page, and our lack of posts, you’d think we were dead or in the clink or somethin’. We’ll we ain’t dead yet and, thus far, have avoided being apprehended by the authorities.

We have been busy little bees though! We’ve got a whole ton of coming-ups. Our next record is almost in the can, we’ve got the big River Roots Live festival coming up in Davenport, IA where we’re honored to be sharing a bill with Vintage Trouble and The Wallflowers. September will see us on the road again, heading south toward the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisianna, and back to West, by God, Virginia for the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.

Last, you might notice by the banner at the top of this here page that we’ve changed our name up a bit. Because of numerous movies, bands, books, etc, we’ve decided that Dead Leaves just wasn’t doing it for us – We’re now The Dead Leaves Travelin’ Band. I think that’n describes us a bit better anyway.

For more current updates, don’t forget to find us on facebook (www.facebook.com/deadleavesmusic).


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